Archangel Alliance
Veterans Helping Veterans

Archangel Alliance's mission is to provide support to our Veterans
and families in a time of need.
We are here to help with any issues that may occur, including emergencies.
This organization will partner with other non-profit
organizations to provide the support for veterans and their families
who so proudly served to give us what we have today.

Meet The Snyders
 Kyle was wounded on his first tour to Afghanistan in October of 2012. While on a foot patrol his squad was approached by a suicide bomber killing three of his Soldiers and
severely wounding two, including Kyle. 
He spent two years recovering between Womack Army Hospital and Walter Reed
Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.
Today he continues to go through rehabilitation and surgical procedures to fix his injuries.
Kyle and his wife Joann reside in Wake Forest, NC. 
They have five children, in photo above (Macy, Brandon, McKenna, Kayla and Kyle).